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Bible Lesson Videos:
Signs of the Second Coming
length 28:30
329 views • 6 months ago
Signs of the soon return of Jesus...
The Triumphal Entry
length 28:30
205 views • 6 months ago
Jesus enters Jerusalem as a King, but He knew what would soon happen......
Learning How to Pray
length 28:30
216 views • 6 months ago
Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray....
Workers in the Vineyard
length 28:30
212 views • 6 months ago
Jesus tries to explain about the kingdom of heaven....
Jesus has a last supper with His friends
length 28:30
171 views • 7 months ago
Jesus has His last supper with His disciples....
Jesus shows His love for everyone
length 28:30
157 views • 7 months ago
Jesus shows that He loves and came to save all people no matter what nationality, race, or economic ...
Jesus cleanses the Temple Again
length 28:30
156 views • 7 months ago
Jesus wants His house to be a house of prayer....
Finding What Was Lost
length 28:30
199 views • 7 months ago
The story of the lost sheep gives an illustration of God's love for each of us....
Jesus Raises Lazarus
length 28:30
163 views • 8 months ago
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. What can we learn from this?...
Foolish Builders
length 28:30
217 views • 8 months ago
Lessons from the Tower of Babel, based on Genesis 11 and Revelation 17...
Jesus and the Children
length 28:30
176 views • 8 months ago
Jesus loves children and they love Him too....
Jesus the Friend of Sinners
length 28:30
130 views • 8 months ago
Jesus is man's true best friend! Based on Mark 2:1-17...
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
length 37.12
129 views • 3 years ago
Jesus cleanses His father's temple from those who were profaning it....
Jesus' Mighty Power
length 28:30
332 views • 2 years ago
Based on Mark 5:21-43...
Jesus Loves You
length 1:17:14
304 views • 1 years ago
How much does Jesus love you? Find out on this video....
Peter Walks on Water
length 28:30
275 views • 8 months ago
Peter learns more about God's power to save, and becomes proud and turns his eyes from Jesus, what h...
The Poor "Rich man"
length 28:30
291 views • 2 years ago
Based on Matthew 19:16-30...


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