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Nature Discoveries & Object Lesson Videos:
Discoveries at a Lake
length 9:39
111 views • 2 months ago
Teacher Lisa learns some important lessons at the lake....
Lessons from a Shepherdess
length 6:22
455 views • 11 months ago
When teacher Lisa was a little girl she cared for many sheep, in this lesson she teaches us somethin...
Lessons on Temperance
length 9:12
395 views • 11 months ago
Adventures with Cuddles and Sunggles, another important lesson learned from nature....
Something in the Woods
length 5:54
410 views • 1 years ago
What was it Lisa saw working in the woods?...
Scary Sounds in the Dark
length 7:24
420 views • 1 years ago
Discover what was lurking nearby during a camping trip....
A Great Rescue
length 7:51
266 views • 1 years ago
Lessons from Life in the Wilderness...
Trust and Faith
length 7:10
313 views • 1 years ago
Learn about faith from God's creatures....
Lessons for Life
length 10:31
292 views • 1 years ago
Teacher Lisa learns one of the hardest lessons in life....
Amazing Love
length 11:06
247 views • 1 years ago
God's creation can teach us amazing lessons if we will watch closely....
Teddy's Trouble
length 6:51
234 views • 1 years ago
Teddy gets caught in a chain of circumstances....
Kristina's Kitty
length 5:43
228 views • 1 years ago
More lessons from Animals...
The Missing Gosling
length 9:04
226 views • 1 years ago
Important lessons from a Beaver pond....
Lessons from a Cowbird
length 10:09
332 views • 2 years ago
Important lessons from the Cowbird....
Lessons from Africa
length 9:11
306 views • 2 years ago
Discover the exciting lessons learned from an exotic animal....
Sheep on the Farm
length 8:14
299 views • 2 years ago
Learn about a real life and death rescue on Lisa's small farm....
John's Surprise
length 7:46
343 views • 2 years ago
My husband had a surprise for us to see, we had to hurry....


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