Resources for Teachers and Parents:

Craft - Armageddon & 7 Last Plagues
length 5:49
81 views • 1 month ago
How to assemble the craft....

Coloring Pages - YAQ3
length 1:30
733 views • 1 year ago
A collection of coloring pages that corresponds to YAQ3 of the My Bible First program curriculum....

Week of Prayer Program
length 14:15
700 views • 1 year ago
How to use the Feeding His Lambs Ministries Week of Prayer program....

Digital Felts Vol. 1
length 7:30
1176 views • 2 years ago
Learn about the Digital Felts Bible Graphics collection....

The program parts
length 7:16
367 views • 3 years ago
Learn about the various parts that make up our childrens evangelistic program....

Something in The Box Activity Explained
length 7:45
810 views • 3 years ago
Learn how to use the Something in the Box activity in your class....

Introduction to Bible Book Crafts
length 8:41
822 views • 3 years ago
Learn more about the Bible Crafts that Lisa uses in her childrens program. The children treasure th...

Reaching Children for Christ - Part 1
length 54:00
1227 views • 3 years ago
The first part of a 6 part series on how to reach children for Christ, filmed at a live Child Evange...

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